Meet Dave

I grew up in the rural town of Lindon, Utah, with great parents and room to roam the nearby orchards and mountains with my eight siblings. There was never a dull moment; it was truly a magical upbringing.

After serving a full-time L.D.S. mission to Michigan, I immediately enrolled in college. I learned the art of repairing and creating custom hearing aids in 1998 while working to put myself through U.V.S.C. I learned to love helping people hear better.

I went on to become a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, gained my state license in 2001 and, received extensive training in Hearing Instrument Science from The American Conference of Audioprosthology.

It was through all this that I was able to gain real-world experience, seeing the damaging psychological effects hearing loss can produce on patients and their relationships. In the fall of 2001, True Tone Hearing in St. George, Utah opened its doors with a passion for helping others.

I’ve continued to further my education and training over the years. From graduating with honors from the prestigious Dr. Rulon center to becoming certified in Nevada, I’ve worked hard to keep up on the latest in hearing science and technology.

I currently live in Southern Utah with my talented wife and our four children. I enjoy time with family, cheering on my kids in sporting activities, going out shooting guns, and traveling to new places to create memorable experiences.


I cannot sing his praises enough. If I would change anything, I’d suggest he charge a bit more for his services. It would still be worth it, and more.

Craig L Bosley, MD

Our experience has always been positive. We enjoy David’s sense of humor, and his willingness to listen in a very understanding manner, explaining the different options available.

Maureen Krei

I have been coming here for 9 years. Their service is outstanding and they have always been very helpful to take care of my needs. I recommend them to everyone. They are like family to me.

Keith Morgan

Dave literally went the extra mile to make it possible for my husband Fred and I to hear clearly again. It is so nice to be able to effectively communicate with one another and not have the T.V. blaring anymore.

Bonnie Sorenson

Dave has been very conscientious of keeping track of his patients. His services are highly recommended for others looking for excellent care.

Lorraine Baldwin

Dave helped me to hear without the help of a hearing aid and directed me to another doctor who helped me regain my hearing. Thank you for giving me a new life.

Johnny Rivera

The service I get at True Tone is fantastic. They listen, they care, and they take the time to ensure my hearing aids are performing at 100%. I trust Dave and his staff with one of my most important senses.

Tom Blackburn

I've been fortunate to purchase my hearing aids from True Tone Hearing and I can't say enough about David Harris and his care and service to my hearing needs.

Janet Ullery

[Dave] has been very reasonable with his prices. He has adjusted [my hearing aids] whenever I needed them adjusted. He is very friendly, as well as his office help. They got me in right away when I needed an appointment.

Gaylord Wells

This is the place to go for your hearing needs. You not only get the best quality hearing aids, at the lowest prices but the best service and care! Dave is so nice, his aim is to please, and get you the best quality hearing devices possible, for your ultimate hearing!

Carolyn Wightman

Dave and Lisa are the greatest! Always there to make a difficult situation as painless as possible. Hearing loss is not easy to cope with, but Dave goes out of his way to make it as easy as possible.

Jolene Barstow

Of all the hearing aids I've worn, my new ones from True Tone are the best. I can hear my phone clearly - I hear and understand my favorite news stations - they're comfortable to wear, they're easy to use.

James Carter

The focus is on the patient, not the money… I've never felt like I was on my own. If I ever need anything done, a phone call [and a] "come on down!" and it was taken care of.

Verl Smith

I am very pleased with my hearing aids. Dave is very knowledgeable, accommodating overall and especially at a moments notice if the patient has any issue. He and Lisa are great caring people that make my appointments enjoyable!

Sharon Brown

It's always a friendly atmosphere, [Dave’s] not trying to push anything, just there to help. I've had really good success with the hearing aids…

Cort Fairbourne

…I got pretty nervous as a younger middle-aged guy wondering if I didn't hear correctly! Dave put my fears to rest, confirming that I'm just a typical man who hasn't been listening very well…

Jeremy Larkin

…I spent most of my life missing out on so many things! Go see Dave and his staff! It has literally been one of the most important and smartest decisions in my life!

Richard M

I have had the best experience possible. Always very helpful and friendly. Always concerned with how the hearing devices are doing. They are great

Gene Gates

Dave and his staff are friendly and work with you. Never a wait time. Have been a customer for 10 years. Would highly recommend Truetone.

Stacey Gubler

We have been with True Tone Hearing Center and with David Harris for a number of years and have had friendly, courteous, good service and care for our hearing needs.

Tony Minardi

…We would certainly recommend True Tone Hearing Centers to anyone in need of help with their hearing.

Louise Robson's Husband

The service from True Tone is exceptional and their pricing is very competitive. I would recommend them to anyone with hearing loss needs.

Danny Wheeler

I had a serious problem with the settings [on my hearing aid]. Dave sent them to be repaired. When they came back they were brand new [hearing aids] with batteries too… Thanks Much Dave, (and you too Diane) I claim six STARS!!!

DeLaun Tischner

I wasn't sure if I had a hearing loss bad enough to wear hearing instruments. Dave was gracious enough to let me [demo a set] to see for myself. I brought the demos back and decided I wasn't ready to commit. I so appreciate Dave offering…

Ray F